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Case study: Corporate histories

Corporate histories are not boring, textbook accounts of mergers and acquisitions. They focus on the hard work, dedication and insight of forward-thinking individualsthe people behind successful corporations. Usually done in conjunction with milestones such as anniversaries, corporate histories are ideal marketing tools to present to colleagues, potential customers and employees.

When Chartway Federal Credit Union celebrated its 40th Anniversary, it commissioned The Ghostwriter to write its corporate history, From Cigar Boxes to Data Chips: The Story of Chartway Federal Credit Union.


The Ghostwriter met with the credit union's History Committee to brainstorm the direction the project would take. Together they identified more than 30 individuals, including officers, current employees and former employees, to interview and they established a time table. The Ghostwriter was given access to minutes of board of director meetings and committee reports. The marketing department provided additional background information, including annual reports, advertising material and photographs. To request an electronic copy on CD-ROM, contact The Ghostwriter.

Here are readers' comments:

“I think you have done an outstanding job in getting the history documented.”

—E.T. Siebels, president and CEO (retired)
Chartway Federal Credit Union

“I have just completed reviewing the rough draft of your history of Chartway Federal Credit Union. I want to congratulate you on your excellent work; it is very complete and interesting. It brought back many memories of things that happened in years long past.”

—Harold Durham, member
Chartway Federal Credit Union

“This book is an inspiring record of a small group of volunteer workers with a dream of helping their fellow workers. A person could review all of the financial records and the minutes of the board meetings and never have the complete history of the credit union as set forth in this book.”

—William “Les” Robbins (retired)
Federal Credit Union Examiner

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